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Free Walking Tour Leipzig

"Discover the spirit of a growing metropolis with Free Walking Tour Leipzig. Explore the major landmarks in the heart of the city, where history, music, and art blend together with the modern essence of contemporary life."

Interview with Matej, the Free Walking Tour Leipzig creator

  1. Why do you do what you do?
    - I really like history and I was always very passionate about free walking tours and as I didn't find one in Leipzig, I thought why not to create one? Also, communication with people was always my thing.
  2. How often do you organize events?
    - Every day! There are different tours and we lead them in different languages, currently in German, English and Spanish. 
  3. How many people do you usually have?
    - In summer and Weekends could be around 20, during the week or colder months only around 2-8.
  4. Are your tours for free?
    - I would say they are rather donation based. We are not paid for running these tours, so in a way, this is our job, thus getting some donations after the tour is over, is always appreciated, but it is not a must.  
  5. What type of tours do you do?
    - Our most popular tour is the classical walking tour. But we also organize other types of tours, such as Jewish Tour Leipzig, Napoleon Tour or even a music tour! (Find more information about their tours here.)
  6. What is your mission?
    -To provide a world-class tour and ensure that everyone can be part of it regardless of their budget.

Read about the Wootodo team experience in the classical tour here.

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